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We work with you to assess the Cloud benefits and limitations for your business, and manage the deployment of your infrastructure and services.

We help manage your holistic journey to the Cloud.

The Cloud is, put simply, a way to deploy services via the internet. Moving to the Cloud, enables access to a massive and global shared resource pool offering the potential to lower your upfront and ongoing IT costs. It also enables you to leverage IT expertise that you don’t necessarily have or want to keep in-house.

There are many benefits of moving to the Cloud, however, a measured approach must be taken in order to understand the risks, the real benefits to your business and which aspects of your IT will be moved into a Cloud solution.

We help you manage the holistic journey to the Cloud in a way that maximises the benefits and mitigates the risks.

At Terra Firma, we understand the Cloud market. We offer an impartial solution that is not aligned to any particular Cloud vendor and are able to recommend and implement the best Cloud solution for your business.

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