Nicholas Bartels

Managing Director

Nicholas is the driving force behind Terra Firma. As the company’s founder, he sees himself as the custodian of the company brand, and surrounds himself with a highly trusted and competent management team. He has a strong background originating from the construction industry and has an incredibly pragmatic view on business.

He sees his role as being similar to that of a skipper on a yacht – his vision for the company is clear and he has the experience to navigate the company through calm and unsettled conditions to reach this vision.

Nicholas’ passion for people is clear. What has kept him going after 20+ years is his loyalty and commitment to people. His satisfaction from work comes from seeing other people succeed.

One of the keys to Nicholas’ success, is that he keeps a great balance between work, family and other interests and sees them as being of equal importance – “life is not one-dimensional”.

Nicholas is a true philanthropist with contributions to the community through activity in a nominated charity each year, as well as using his yacht for charity events throughout the year.

“Terra Firma means solid, stable and reliable – that’s what this company is all about for clients and for staff.”