Change and Release Management Review

Government departments receive modified and validated process document.

Our clients are two sister Victorian government departments that operationally share resources to achieve their objectives. One department aims to ensure Victorians are safe and healthy, while the other department aims to create a more inclusive society where people feel safe and partake equally.

The departments recently completed the implementation of a new Human Capital Management system. As part of completion, the project handed over BAU management to the departments’ shared IT service.


As the transition to BAU management had already occurred, the existing change and release management process needed to be urgently validated and modified for the non-project environment.


Terra Firma worked with product owners, release managers, and other key stakeholders to review and validate the existing process and associated documentation.

Our Approach

Terra Firma mobilised and set up several workshops with core stakeholders. Our consultant validated the existing process with stakeholders and captured the changes.

Once complete, Terra Firma made the necessary updates to the change and release management document. This included process maps, step by step guides, stakeholder and owner lists, and the RACI.


Terra Firma delivered and presented the final document to key stakeholders and completed sign-off prior to being deployed into BAU.

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