Uplifting Internal Project Management Capabilities  

Terra Firma conducted a performance audit of four significant programs and implemented insightful recommendations for improving project delivery.

Our client is a state government agency whose objective was to ascertain the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of its project delivery framework, methodology and processes and instigate a program of work to uplift its internal project delivery capability. 


The client required a project review methodology and project assurance audit tool to evaluate and enhance project management capabilities.  


Terra Firma was engaged by the client to provide project assurance services by conducting a performance audit (health checks) of four significant programs within the technology department. 

Our Approach

The audit was a measure of project performance against the required (expected) criteria and objectives of the client’s Project Delivery Framework. It assessed the processes and controls used to manage and report on projects and objectively detailed how these were performing. It provided insights, recommendations, and areas to address. 


Terra Firma consultants performed an audit that involved the following steps: 


  • Review of the delivery framework 
  • Individual project review through documentation and reviews 
  • Reporting 

Terra Firma consultants collaborated with the client’s PMO on a prioritised implementation plan to execute the audit’s recommendations. 


The Terra Firma team provided the client with a comprehensive set of reports made up of an executive summary, an audit report and a health dashboard. The reports included: 


  • A set of review findings and insights into the client’s program delivery. 
  • Recommendations for improvements in each of the areas of project management. 
  • The audits focused on key areas of project management. 

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