Super Fund’s Salesforce Vendor Partner

Supporting our client in their selection of a suitable vendor.

Our client is a superannuation fund dedicated to people working in Australia’s higher education and research sector. With around 450,000 members and $85 billion in assets, it is one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds.
They were seeking a partner to manage an end-to-end implementation of Salesforce across the organisation.


Our client had implemented a Salesforce pilot to extract some learnings on how the leading customer interface platform could be effectively integrated and utilised at the fund to improve customer experience.


Terra Firma were engaged to project manage the procurement (RFI) process and select the Salesforce vendor to support the fund on this journey.

Our Approach

Terra Firma led the stakeholder engagement and management of the Evaluation Panel. This consisted of approximately 15 key senior stakeholders and SMEs from across the organisation.
We collated and completed an analysis of the responses from both the vendors’ submissions and the Evaluation Panel’s scores/commentary using Excel.
Our experts presented the recommendations to the Project Steering Committee based on the analysis and the panel’s final vendor selection. This included project status and the tabling of the request for endorsement to proceed to contract the selected vendor.
We supported and completed the procurement plan in line with our client’s existing procurement framework and requirements.
We facilitated sessions with the Evaluation Panel and chaired the vendor presentation sessions.
We executed a project risk assessment with the organisation’s Risk Office, which would be further developed in Discovery workshops.
We gathered the information and preparations required for UniSuper’s legal counsel to proceed to contract.


A robust RFI template supported a timely and seamless collation of multiple recommendations across a large evaluation panel.
The workshop held with the Evaluation Panel to flesh out the final recommendations and build consensus was valuable in selecting and scrutinising the vendors.
Our client had strong vendor management and good buy-in from stakeholders to participate, which supported Terra Firma to successfully deliver the engagement.
We allowed our client to select a successful vendor that was on time, under budget and with consensus.
Terra Firma was able to hand over the project with a solid foundation to onboard the successful vendor: ‘Systems Partners’. Our client could then commence Discovery and an end-to-end Salesforce implementation.

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