Process Engineering

Driving cost reduction and operational excellence for our clients.

A corporate client was manually reviewing, processing, and allocating construction, maintenance and inspection tasks which added complexity, risk of error and significantly increased order completion times.  More than 80 different forms of truck roll activity were identified throughout the company, each generating orders for a physical site visit.  A strategic initiative was backed by the executive teams to eradicate duplication, automate and consolidate. 

Terra Firma was engaged to implement an improved process that reduced processing time and enabled these tasks to be scheduled and completed efficiently.  

Our Approach

Our expert process engineers undertook a phased approach to complete the current state assessment and develop the digital strategy:

  • Current State / discovery
  • Target state design
  • Iterate and evolve
  • Implement

Terra Firma conducted a detailed review of the processes by leading discovery sessions to fully understand the circumstances under which engineering and inspection tasks are required, how they are actioned and what steps are taken to complete them. The key process ‘pain points’ were identified and used as the metrics to measure improvements.


The re-engineered process focused on:

  • Effective synergy between business processes and systems
  • Ease of implementation for the user
  • Improved efficiency and a reduction in missed task completion
  • Reduce costs by facilitating more efficient use of field and construction staff by pairing tasks in locations

Manual touch points and duplication of effort were reduced with tasks now automatically entered, scheduled, assigned and closed reducing input by the team and improving efficiency of scheduling tasks for operators. Geo-coding is also used to pair these tasks with unrelated orders being completed at the same location, resulting in more efficient use of time.

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