Platform Integration in Government Call Centres

Developing user stories to assist our client’s replacement of existing plugins.

Our clients are two sister Victorian government departments that operationally share resources to achieve their objectives. One department aims to ensure Victorians are safe and healthy, while the other department aims to create a more inclusive society where people feel safe and partake equally.

The departments’ call centre utilises ServiceNow to service customer enquiries. ServiceNow utilised several plugins to enable call centre agents to initiate customer calls and allow management to manage the allocation of resources. The departments wished to replace the existing plugins due to their age and limited functionality with Genesys Purecloud.


As a relatively simple project, the timeframe allocated was one sprint (2 weeks). This required a set of user stories to be created urgently.


Terra Firma developed a set of user stories, which would be used by the development team to deliver the project.

Our Approach

Terra Firma identified the key stakeholders and immediately set up a series of workshops to elicit details, which enabled the user stories to be developed. Due to the limited timeframe, the workshops relied on a Q&A approach.

Our consultant quickly identified the current state of the system and the core functionality which was being replaced. This enabled Terra Firma to quickly develop user stories and run them through a review cycle during the workshop.

Once documented, we undertook a final review session with key stakeholders to ensure the accuracy of the stories. Finally, the stories were documented in Jira and assigned to the development team for execution.


Terra Firma successfully developed and reviewed the user stories within the allotted timeframe. We facilitated their development team’s journey to integrating new plugins and improving their customer service.

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