Introducing Device Care Management

Our unique solution allowed a telecommunications company to improve agile maturity.

An Australian small business was in the process of changing their nationwide logistics partner.
Their telecommunications provider required a redesign of the way operations would cater to logistics as the two organisations had different operating models.
Our client had to evaluate the current process to identify if a like-for-like approach could help lift and shift the existing model to fit the new operator.
If this approach was not possible, our client had to build a platform to handle the new setup that could be scaled to handle logistics across the nation.
Terra Firma were engaged to design an operating framework that aligned with contractual obligations to the new partner without affecting customer turnarounds.


Operating on a budget of $37M, the program required a massive delivery resource pool of 11 scrum teams with six vendors spread across seven cities in three continents.
The distributed nature of the scrum teams meant the program had to be handled across four time zones. Coupled with a lack of process discipline and business knowledge by the offshore teams, this was the biggest hurdle.
In 2020, the selected logistics partner had two consecutive cyber security breaches. Although the client portal was secured, operations had to be reassessed until the logistics partner could re-establish IT operations.
Aside from delivering technical modules, teams had to be retrained to operate in a cross-functional fashion due to lack of agile maturity within the business units.


Terra Firma built agile maturity within the business teams in Sydney and Melbourne and the delivery teams in India, the Philippines, and the UK.
We operated SAFe to deliver an enterprise grade cloud solution (DCM) on a SaaS platform called Service Now, with supporting web and mobile applications such as Azure and ReactNative.
We delivered a host of API’s that would help the business decentralise their operations and shift to a digital approach in line with their 2022 strategy.

Our Approach

Our consultants worked with the business and partners to establish an Agile playbook to set the foundation for operating.
Over 21 months, we delivered a world-class reverse logistics solution called “Device Care Management”- the first of its kind in Australia.
The COVID-19 pandemic caused disruptions that resulted in productivity loss in other parts of our client’s company. However, our robust framework enabled agile maturity and allowed teams to demonstrate a 14% increase in productivity.
Aside from the standard delivery outcomes, we led the program with six vendors and got the deployment timelines reduced from quarterly to weekly.


The business unit has deployed five major releases over the program duration leading to an overall cost savings / return of investment of $16M in the first 2 years by streamlining operations.
There was a major improvement to the customer experience. Terra Firma’s framework helped to improve NPS scores within their retail and contact centres, which was a primary focus for our client’s digital brand.
By building an API-based platform, we enabled the program to be embedded into other digital constructs within our client’s company. This enables oversight and connectivity in future, in line with our client’s 2022 strategy.

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