Improving Council Productivity and Records Management

Our insightful recommendations allowed a client to meet technology’s demands.

A local shire council required a new IT solution for their Intranet and Records management functions.

Terra Firma was engaged to ensure the new solution was productive, sustainable, and met our client’s technological needs.


Our client was using an aging Intranet and Records management system that had limited functionality and support and was expensive to run and maintain.

End-users and customers across the council were directly engaging with external third-party solution providers to implement and retrofit technology in their existing environment in an ad-hoc and siloed manner.


Terra Firma conducted an independent review of the council’s requirements for the Intranet and Records Management solutions.

Once this was baselined, we conducted thorough market research and held discussions with software companies to recommend a solution that was fit-for-purpose, affordable and proven within the council space across Melbourne and Victoria.

Our Approach

Our experts provided consultancy support that was collaborative and independent. We led our client on a journey through conducting extensive research to develop an evaluation and provide recommendations that are repeatable in future for similar exercises.

We developed numerous artefacts including an evaluation matrix, technology principles, cost guidelines and good practice research for the council to use again in the future.


The council endorsed Terra Firma’s recommendations, including the overall cost of the solutions.

Our client is currently forming a dedicated program team to procure the recommended solution for both the Intranet and Records Management functions.

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