State Department Secures Business Intelligence and Analytics

Developing a comprehensive five-year strategy and roadmap for our client.

Our client provides economic, financial and resource management advice to help the Victorian Government deliver its policies.
The department requested Terra Firma’s expertise to design a five-year Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) strategy.


The department did not have a single method for approaching and instituting BI&A. The limited number of teams utilising business intelligence were using a range of tools and techniques to gain insight from the data they held.
The ability to report was severely limited and time consuming. The top issues identified were:


  • Limited confidence in the data
  • An inability to quickly access a department-wide single source of truth
  • Considerable level of manual data manipulation
  • Limited integration between core systems
  • No department wide structure and governance
  • A lack of data sharing culture

Terra Firma was engaged to develop a five-year strategy and roadmap.
This included designing a vision for the department and creating BI&A principles to guide the delivery of the strategy. We identified the alignment with Victorian Government, our client’s corporate and IT strategies.
Our experts assessed the current and target maturity for the department and developed strategic priorities. We identified challenges that may be faced by the department.
Terra Firma developed a governance structure and target operating model, while creating a roadmap of high-level deliverables over the five-year period.
We identified high-level costs for budgeting purposes and proposed a workflow for BI project requests.

Our Approach

Terra Firma undertook extensive analysis to understand the current state, industry trends and where the department should aim to be in the future.
We conducted stakeholder interviews with department secretaries, deputy executives and executives.
We completed a review of government and industry strategies. Our work also included an identification of industry trends and a maturity assessment.


Terra Firma delivered a five-year Business Intelligence and Analytics strategy and roadmap to the department, which received initial approvals.

The strategy was due to commence implementation in the 2020 financial year.

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