Digital Resilience – the future of DR

Moving the conversation from Disaster Recovery to Digital Resilience
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Organisations are increasingly reliant on technology and cloud services have transformed the way IT services are delivered. Many of us have been on the “Digital Transformation” journey over the last few years…and are still going. How are you protecting your investment? How resilient are your IT services? Is your current DR capability aligned with the business requirements? Just how prepared are you for a major technology disruption?

A contemporary Digital Resilience strategy delivers integrated competency and capability to respond to, and recover from, technology disruption. It takes the traditional concepts of IT Disaster Recovery (IT DR) and IT Service Continuity (ITSC) and aligns them with other key disciplines such as:

  • IT Risk Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Major Incident Management
  • Information Security and Cyber Incident Response
  • Business Continuity Management

The session covers:

  • Why IT Disaster Recovery is no longer enough
  • Aligning solutions to the needs of your organisation
  • The journey to Digital Resilience

Join our Business Continuity & Resilience Principal from Terra Firma, in this informative webinar to change the DR conversation from “Disaster Recovery” to “Digital Resilience”.

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