Renovating Council’s Information Security Policies

A thorough review of our client’s policies to solidify their future ICT strategies.

Our client was a local city council with a reputation for innovation and excellence. They were looking to update their current policies and develop new Information and Cyber Security policies.

Terra Firma was asked to review the current policies while working with key stakeholders across the council. Our work involved retiring non-conforming or redundant policies and developing several Information / Cyber Security policies within a six-month period.


Fifteen council policies were made redundant. At times, obtaining agreement from key stakeholders regarding these policies was problematic.


Our technical writing consultant undertook a detailed review of the policies. We collaborated with stakeholders and highlighted several key areas for the client to focus on in the enhancement of the existing policies.

Our Approach

Our review incorporated people, environment, objectives, and future state ICT strategy software implementations.

We were then able to assess gaps in the policies and provide detailed recommendations to the council, providing them with crucial insight.


Terra Firma delivered a complete review of all policies. We developed new policies and archived redundant policies.

We engaged in a handover with the council to ensure ongoing management and policy updates could be undertaken internally, setting them up for success in future.

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